About Us

Management of daily operations is taken care of by our General Manager Marianne McMorran, who has been with the business since inception and has accrued a vast knowledge of expertise in the spice industry. She is ably assisted by our in house technical blending experts, our client liaison manager, drivers and a number of line staff. All have been with the company for many years ensuring for a seamless delivery of superb quality products throughout the country.

Our Packaging

We can offer a variety of packaging to fulfil any customer’s individual needs, but essentially our products have been specifically designed to offer a value proposition with our core focus being on practical packaging keeping profits at a maximum and costs to a minimum, thus creating a quality product with healthy margins for our clients while still remaining very cost effective for the end user.

Our Clients

We are blessed with a number of clients from the small corner shop through to the major retailers. We are proud to have listings with the SPAR GROUP, MASSMART, MAKRO, GAME and CAMBRIDGE FOODS. We are currently in negotiations with a number of major retailers around the country.